Introducing Balanced Wine Selections

Hello Wine Lover,

Getting back in the game, the wine game .....  and not just in any run-of-the-mill way.  No!  For this to be fun, worthwhile, and challenging, my partner, Chris, and I decided we would source the majority of our wines by getting to know and working directly with the winemakers, import their wines back to the US and offer them up at great values. 
This led to the creation of
After more than 50 years of collecting and drinking between us, we are prepared for this adventure of finding, tasting and purchasing exciting wines from around the world.  So far we’ve spent most of our time in Europe creating relationships and finding honest, balanced wines nurtured by genuinely lovely people that are making wines they want to drink.
Our wines will remain true to their terroirs and will be crafted by small producers and cooperatives alike – the common denominator is their quality and individuality. Given the hands on approach we are taking to finding wines, our portfolio will be smaller at first and we will be frequently adding to our balanced wine selections.  You should look for offers from us beginning very soon, which will feature a number of wines from our friends in France, from the Rhone, the Jura, and Burgundy and we'll be following that up with a Northern Italian fix with wines from Northern Piedmont, Valtellina and Friuli-Venezia Giulia.  Our next European visit will take us to the Loire and Champagne regions in early March.
To balance our selections, being Balanced Wine Selections after all, from time to time we will showcase wines sourced from our friends in the wine business that we know are working with wines and people we value.  Our goal in this regard, first and foremost, will be to highlight wines from producers with whom we’ve spent time in their cellars or sharing a meal.  We will also offer some exciting, vintage wines procured from private cellars ..... old habits die hard and we know some serious collectors that have an interest in thinning our their cellars.

A few years ago you received offerings from my business, MW Sales.  The focus then was on searching private cellars for those trophies we wanted for our cellars.  This time the focus is on honest wines that taste great that we like to drink and we know can grace your table every night, whether it be a casual meal or a special occasion.
I hope you will once again give me (and now us) the opportunity to earn a portion of your wine business.  Let us know what you think, we'd love to hear from you.
Michael Weiss & Chris

P.S.  Our website is a work in progress, but we wanted to give you an early look at what we're up to and the producers with whom we are working.  Product will begin to flow in March to our temperature-controlled warehouse in Sonoma.
Michael Weiss
Michael Weiss