Top Flight Austrian - Rotgipfler from Alphart!

If you’ve checked out our site over the last few months, you’ve probably noticed we jumped into Austria with both feet.   Wines that express purity of variety and place.  Today we're highlighting the Rotgipfler Rodauner from Weingut Alphart.

Weingut Alphart is a leader in the Thermenregion with an advanced degree in working with Rotgipfler.  They turn out completely dry white wines that are unique, classic, graceful, noble, and fascinating.  

Rotgipfler is a white wine grape that is thought to be indigenous to the Thermenregion in eastern Austria south of Vienna.  It is a cross between Traminer (aka Savagnin) and Roter Veltliner.  It is late ripening and grows in tight bunches making it a challenge with which to work.  The warm, dry, well-aerated Pannonian influenced climate and brown earth and limestone infused soils of the Thermenregion make for an ideal, if not exclusive, home.  What draws us in is the grape’s mouthwatering, framing acidity that lends perfect structure to ripe flavors of orchard and tropical fruits, mandarin orange, spice and succulent, complex bitterness.  Prone at times to being heavy, that’s not the case with the Rodauner offered today.  It clocks in at 13%, making it a fresh, beautifully balanced example of a variety that you really must try.

This may stretch your preconceived notions of which grapes make great wines, but we can’t encourage you enough to give this captivating wine, from a benchmark producer in the region, a shot.  

Chris & Michael

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Chris Walsh
Chris Walsh