Bertrand Machard de Gramont Les Hauts Pruliers Nuits St. Georges, 2013 - 750ml

Bertrand Machard de Gramont

Variety(ies): Pinot Noir  


On the day of my visit with Axelle, this wine was profound and in a very open, accessible place.  I was taken by everything I tasted that day but this one was especially impactful.  A fairly sizable plot of 1.5 hectares and vines that were planted 50 years ago. Les Hauts Pruliers, as the name suggests, sits above the Premier Cru vineyard of Les Pruliers.  In the Hauts Prulier the soils are meager and poor and the vines are forced to go deep into the mother earth for life support.   Complexity is turned up a notch over the wines from Les Vallerots.  Spices, dark fruit, texture, precision are apt descriptors for what shows up in the glass.  Perfectly balanced acidity carries the wine from start to finish in 2013.  I really love the wine.  It owes its pedigree to Village level vines but what results is extraordinary and at another level.  A small amount of new oak.  100% destemmed.  100% organic.

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Direct Import by Balanced Wine Selections.

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