Sébastien Brunet Pétillant Le Naturel Vouvray, NV - 750ml

Sébastien Brunet

Variety(ies):  Chenin Blanc

Our first pétillant naturel wine in the portfolio and far and away the best one we've tasted.  We waited this long to bring one in, but it wasn't for lack of trying. Made in the methode ancestrale where the wine starts fermentation as any other wine and before it's finished fermentation it is bottled and continues to ferment in the bottle creating the sparkling aspect.  Unlike sparkling wine made in the traditional method, this isn't a second fermentation but a continuation in bottle of the first.  There is also no sugar added (dosage).  Any remaining residual sugar is what was naturally left at the end of the fermentation.  In the case of Sebastien's Le Naturel, the wine ended up in the Extra Brut area or on the less sweet side of the spectrum.  This is made from 100% Chenin Blanc from 2014.   The vines are 30 years old on soils of silex and some clay.  There is awesome freshness, a healthy minerality, firm backbone and good Chenin fruit character.  The pairing options with this wine are quite broad.  You can use this wine in so many ways, perhaps only needing to look for something different if you're doing grilled red meat.

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Direct import by Balanced Wine Selections.

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