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Courbet Chardonnay Cotes du Jura, 2013 - 750ml

Domaine Courbet

Variety(ies):  Chardonnay

Chardonnay in the ouillé (floral) style.  The grapes were harvested in early October, pressed pneumatically in whole bunches and fermented in oak barrel with about 5% of those barrels being new. The wine ages in barrel and during the first year is regularly topped up to keep it fresh and the lees are stirred. However, during the remaining six months the wine aged, the frequency with which Damien tops up the wine slows down.  Bottled in April 2015, this wine is fresh and floral on the nose with pears, white flowers and nutmeg being enhanced by fine minerality reflecting the clay-limestone and grey marl soils where this Chardonnay grows. As the wine gets some air notes of honey and hazelnut appear.  I drink this wine quite often at home and regularly enjoy it with poultry, roasted or topped with a cream sauce with morels or other mushrooms. What’s left I drink with Comté to finish off the meal. Enjoy.

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Direct Import by Balanced Wine Selections.

Category: 2013, France, Jura, White

Type: Chardonnay

Vendor: Domaine Courbet

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