Antico Broilo

Antico Broilo is a small, family run estate that farms about six hectares in the far northeast corner of Italy. Antico Broilo can be found in the village of Prepotto in an area of Friuli-Venezia Giulia known as the Colli Orientali just west of the Slovenian border. The climate in the Colli Orientali ranges from Alpine to Mediterranean. In the rolling hills around Prepotto, grape growing benefits from the drying winds from the Judrio River. These winds help to cool during the day and ward off rot.   Wide day and night temperature shifts also provide for slow, even ripening of the grapes by day and rest at night to maintain high levels of acidity, complexity and freshness.

Antico Broilo is run today by the very cool, soft spoken, and enthusiastic Massimo Duri and his father Giovanni. Massimo has been making wine since 1999, with an ever-increasing focus on high-quality, single variety wines. Massimo is fanatical about giving each grape variety its own platform from which to show its unique identity. The Duri’s take extraordinary care in the vineyards working in a natural, environmentally sustainable way without the use of synthetic fertilizers or systemic chemicals. The vines are Guyot trained to closely control yields. Harvesting is meticulously done by hand with only the best fruit making it into small trays that ensure only intact fruit is brought into the winery for pressing.   This level of attention to detail results in single variety wines of extraordinary transparency and purity.

Tasting Notes:
Antico Broilo Cabernet Franc Colli Orientali, 2012
Antico Broilo Merlot Colli Orientali, 2011
Antico Broilo Schioppettino di Prepotto Colli Orientali, 2012
Antico Broilo Schioppettino di Prepotto Riserva Colli Orientali, 2010