Bodega Rozas

Manolo Dovalo resides in the seaside village of Meaño in Val do Salnés. Val do Salńes is a sub area of Rias Baixas on the Atlantic Ocean in northwest Spain. A tad over six hectares of very old vines yield on average 12,000 bottles of Albariño annually. The vines are trained in the traditional pergola style to promote airflow during the humid months and to provide leaf canopies over the grapes to keep them from getting burned during the heat of the growing season. Grape growing goes back multiple generations at Adega Rozas, although like the story of late in many other grape growing regions of Europe, in days of yore, only a small amount of the production was kept by the Dovalo family for their personal use and the rest sold in bulk to larger producers. Today we are the beneficiaries of the artisanal work of Senor Dovalo and his blend of tradition and modernization at Rozas. The modern touches come by way of controlling the temperature of fermentation and aging the Albariño entirely in stainless steel tank.

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