Cabaleiro do Val

Adega Cabaleiro do Val is in the extraordinarily capable hands of Franciso Dovalo Lopez and has been for quite some time. Paco, as he asked me to call him, is also the head of the artisan growers association, Asociacíon de Bodegas Artesanas, a post he has held since the group was formed in 1989. It was in this additional capacity that Paco also generously helped us make other connections in Rias Baixas in November 2016. Cabaleiro do Val’s home is in Meaño in Val do Salnés, a sub region of Rias Baixas on the Atlantic Ocean in northwest Spain. Like all of our Rias Baixas producers, Cabaleiro do Val doesn’t make much wine. They farm only four acres of Albariño vineyards and many of the vines are very old – some more than 150 years in fact – and the yields from these old vines are small at best.   Similar to most growers in the area, the vines are trained in the traditional pergola style to promote airflow during the humid months and to provide leaf canopies over the grapes to keep them from getting burned during the heat of the growing season. All of the wines are fermented using natural yeasts and are aged on the lees in stainless steel tanks. What we get are wines of depth and complexity that are a joy to drink. We are very lucky to have made Senor Dovalo Lopez’s acquaintance and can’t wait for you to meet his wines.

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