Cantine Guidetti Boca

I met Davide Carlone on my first visit to Boca in January of 2015.  I was immediately taken by his Boca and Croatina.  What ran through my mind as I tasted his wines was captured by Antonio Galloni in his recent article Nebbiolo's Northern Lights:  Alto Piemonte and Valtellina when he wrote "Make a note of Davide Carlone. These wines will become super hot as soon as consumers start to discover them."  I placed an order with Davide for his 2010 Boca and 2011 Croatina on the spot after having spent the better part of three hours drinking and talking with Davide and his great friend Davide Colombo (without whom, where we have finally ended up wouldn't have been possible), I couldn't have been more excited.  Roll forward a couple of weeks after my return to the U.S. and for reasons related to other relationships Carlone has in the U.S., Carlone told me he didn't think now was a good time to collaborate.  Deflated hardly began to describe how I felt.

A year later I was back in the Alto Piemonte prospecting for new relationships.  While in Boca I happened upon Cantine Guidetti and met Marcello Guidetti.  We got to talking about where good things were happening in Boca and I recounted my earlier experience with Davide Carlone and how disappointed I was not to have gotten his wines.  What happened next started to feel like a Twilight Zone episode.  Marcello asked me to taste the Boca and Croatina he sells under his Guidetti label. All the experience and the memories about Boca’s flavors immediately came back to my mind — the flavors and aromas were identical to Carlone’s wines. Marcello explained that in ancient times around the Boca area there was a super-volcano that left in the surrounding ground special tastes and flavors reflected in the Boca, Croatina and Vespolina produced in the area. That has left me completely speechless and I placed an order on the spot. Great value considering the price and the quality.  








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