Domaine Jean Guiton

Domaine Jean Guiton is today in the very capable hands of Jean’s son, Guillaume. Guillaume joined his parents in the business in 1998 and he has been making the wines since 2003. The domaine is located a little over five kilometers south of Beaune on the west side of the RN 74 in Bligny-lès-Beaune.   So if you happen to find yourself in Beaune, it’s an easy 5 minute drive to see Guillaume, check out the exceptionally well appointed, albeit humble, cuverie, and to experience the breadth and depth of his work.

Guillaume works just over 11.5 hectares of vineyards, with Pinot Noir representing all but a little over one-half hectare. From those 11.5 hectares he makes Premiere Cru level wines from five vineyards, Village level wines from four vineyards and Regional level wines (Bourgogne, if you will) from three vineyards. The small amount of white wine that Guillaume makes comes from the Regional vineyards. In a typical vintage, Domaine Guiton will turn out around 40,000 bottles.

What drew us to Guillaume’s wines were the authenticity and purity. These are beautifully balanced examples that are all Burgundy. Wines of this pedigree, at the prices we are offering them, are must buy opportunities. 

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