Domaine Newman

Domaine Newman had its start back in 1952 when current proprietor Chris Newman’s father purchased Grand Cru vineyards in Bonnes Mares and Mazis Chambertin. Chris has been involved in the family operations since the 1970s and has consistently improved the quality of the wines, particularly over the last 10 to 15 years. All of the vineyards are farmed organically and have been since 2005 (or their later acquisition in some cases). Chris, along with full-time assistant winemaker, Jane Eyre, are meticulous in both the vineyard and the cuverie. They make strict selections, judiciously manages yields, harvest only by hand and have a deft touch with new oak, typically using about 20-30% new oak on the premiere cru and village level wines. This attention to detail results in wines that are of exceptional quality, and yet still somehow fly beneath the radar.
Very little of Domaine Newman’s wine makes it to the US. Chris keeps a healthy amount personally and is gracious in sharing it when people visit Beaune. A good chunk also finds its way into the finer restaurants around Europe.

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