Giorgio Gianatti

Giorgio Gianatti has been in the vineyards since 1978 when he began making wine alongside his father. In 1983 Giorgio put out his first vintage. The Nebbiolo for Gianatti's Grumello comes from a two-hectare parcel known as Vigna Sassina. La Sassina is on the eastern side of Grumello near the border with Inferno. Giorgio’s vines sit east of a large portion of Ar.Pe.Pe.'s Grumello vines in the lower, historic section of Grumello at the foot of the Castel Grumello.  South and east facing the two hectares today appear as one contiguous parcel -- something of a rarity in the hills of Valtellina -- but it is in fact the amalgamation of over 35 different tracts; some as small as 100 meters.  Years of piecing small plots together.

Like most of the terrain in Valtellina, Giorgio’s Grumello vineyards are frighteningly steep slopes on which to grow grapes. Each day is a true test as this is a hard place to make wine. Add to the rigors and stresses that come with winemaking on flat terrain the need to rebuild rock terraces by hand in order to keep from seeing your vines slide off the hillside. This is a place where true character comes through in the wines because without it, you wouldn’t make wine here.

Traditional in style. Not as a matter of fashion but as a way of life.

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