Guillot-Broux Les Perrieres Macon-Cruzille, 2014

Variety: Chardonnay  

100% Chardonnay from the Les Perrieres vineyard. It is a tad over one hectare and the vines were planted in 1978. The altitude of Les Perrieres keeps it cooler than many sites in the Macon and thus the wine is tense and focused. Les Perrieres, which loosely translates to stony place, does a great job of living up to its name in the glass. The vineyard is primarily limestone. Technically, oolitic limestone. I had to look up what it means, but simply, it’s small oval grains of sand that roll around in old marine environments picking up limestone. There are also limestone slabs and a thin layer of topsoil. The soil here is fragile and thus it’s a difficult vineyard to work, but the work pays off. This is great Burgundy any way you slice it. In 2014 it saw 11 months in oak, with a modest 10% of it new, so there is no discernable oak aromas or flavors in the wine. No fining or filtering on the Les Perrieres. It is mineral driven to its core with citrus, pear, herbs and a complex honeysuckle floral note. All of this makes its way onto the palate as well. This is a complete wine of intensity with great acidity to boot. It could use a couple of years and then should drink for the next 10 years. A great match for fish, shellfish, chicken or to accompany the cheese course finale.

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