La Castellada

We are incredibly excited to have the opportunity to bring you the exceptional wines of La Castellada.  La Castellada is one of the early Friulian pioneers, and the wines are prized alongside those of Gravner and Radikon.   Our path to La Castellada began in February 2015 before we’d even sold a single bottle.  Patience and persistence finally paid off in March of this year. 

La Castellada calls the Oslavia subzone in the far northeastern corner of the Friuli home.   Stefano Bensa runs things today and is the grandson of Giuseppe Bensa, who kicked off the small family wine operation in the mid-1950s.  Stefano has taken the reigns from his father and uncle, who took over from their father in the late 1970s.  Today everything is organically farmed, and the wines are vinified through spontaneous, open-vat fermentation.  Care is taken to ensure each plot reflects the character of the grape, soil, and vintage.  Like many wineries in the upper Collio, much has changed over the years, but one constant has persisted.  The La Castellada wines are released only when deemed ready to drink. 

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