Lagar O Parral

Located in the heart of Rias Baixas in Salnés on the Atlantic Ocean, this small, family affair remains under the watchful eye of Xesus Seijes.  Xesus has been in charge for over 30 years now making sure that his artisan approach and respect for vineyards is reflected in every Albariño grape that makes it into one of his bottles of wine. 
Lagar O Parral’s vineyards sit high up above the small village of Meaño.  Each parcel has its own distinctive aspect and orientation but the soils are predominantly granite.  In many cases huge granite boulders stand guard in the classic pergola trained vineyards.  All the wines are fermented using wild yeasts and are aged on their lees.  One taste of Lagar O Parral clearly shows that Albariño of the highest pedigree can stand toe-to-toe with other well-known white varieties in terms of complexity and ageability. 

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