Before Chiara and Michele settled in the small village of Paderna, they were working at other wineries of a more commercial nature shall we say.  But they were pining for their own thing.  They went in search of affordable and interesting vineyards, looking closely in places like the Marche, Oltrepo Pavese and Monferrato.  The sirens call of the long forgotten Timorasso grape (other than by Walter Massa, Timorasso’s earliest savior) and Tortona won out.   Things kicked off with only 1.5 hectares of vineyards.  That has grown to five hectares currently going into wines with another two that should become part of the mix in the near future.  Steady growth since jumping in feet first in 2010. 
Four main grape varieties are in the mix at Oltretorrente, Barbera, Dolcetto, Cortese and today’s focus, the resurgent Timorasso.  All organic, with some biodynamics worked in.  Soon to be fully certified.  The vineyards sit around 300m above sea level with a blend of north and south aspects.  The region sees a good bit of wind, which is good and bad as far as Timorasso is concerned.  It’s very susceptible to rot in humid or wet conditions, so the breezes help dry things out.  On the other hand, the grapes, which grow in different sizes on the bunch, fall off easily.  Wind can wreak havoc.  Chiara and Michele knew what they were getting into and they have humbly and heroically risen to the challenge.

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