Sébastien Brunet

Sébastien Brunet has been at the helm of his namesake domaine since the untimely passing of his father in 2006. Before his father, Sébastien’s grandfather tended the vines on this northern end of Vouvray. Today Sébastien works about 14 hectares of vines, which is roughly what he inherited from his father. A good portion of these are owned by Sébastien and the others are owned by his uncle who is fully retired at this point. Sébastien was formally schooled in winemaking and followed that up by working with the highly talented and regarded Vouvrary producer, Vincent Careme.

At the northern end of the appellation where Sébastien’s vineyards are concentrated, if you are familiar with other Vouvray producers, in addition to Vincent Careme, you’ll also find the vineyards of Francois Pinon. This side of the tracks is turning into a really nice neighborhood!

Per Sébastien, he is working entirely organically, but he isn’t certified and isn’t going down that path today. He works the vineyards by hand, harvests in small crates, performs longer and gentle pressings and ferments his wines using only indigenous yeast.

When a producer comes to us by way of recommendation of two quintessential Vouvray producers like Noël Pinguet and Phillipe Foreau it seems like a sure bet. Sébastien has quietly gone from one to watch a couple of years ago to having achieved peer status in the region.

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