We know Gian Luca Columbo is an extraordinarily talented winemaker.  His very personal project, Segni di Langa, turns out hand-crafted, focused, intense, contemplative Pinot Nero, Barbera and Nebbiolo from the Langhe.  He’s also very much in charge of crafting the wines of Reva in Piedmont and they continue to gain in notoriety and complexity. Never one to stand still, Gian Luca is now part of a two-man Barbera d’Asti project called Sette. Along with his partner, Gino Della Porta, Sette is exclusively focused on Barbera from Asti.  They released their first Barbera from the 2017 vintage and will release a 2017 Nizza Barbera in 2019.    Gian Luca was the Gambelli Award Winner in 2014 as the best young winemaker in Italy.  He oozes passion and has a deep understanding of Piemonte.   Certainly, he understands its vineyards and wines, but he’s in touch with its soul, its culture, its core.  He’s gone from someone to watch to someone whose wines you want to own.

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