Touraize Savagnin Terres Bleues Arbois, 2013

Variety(ies):  Savagnin

100% Savagnin -- a variety indigenous to the Jura that thrives in marnes grise soil (aka grey or blue marl) -- this wine is aptly named Blue Earth as the vines are planted on blue marl soil in Arbois. The grapes for the Terres Bleues come from the 33 year old vines in the Petit Curoulet lieu-dit. This wine is fermented using indigenous yeast in 600L oak demi-muids barrels. The Terres Bleus is made in a fresh or ouillé style, so during its time in used demi-muids, it is “topped up” to keep oxygen from coming in contact with the wine. AJ does not stir the lees or rack this wine during its aging. As a result the fresh, stony, floral, citrus character of the Savagnin is retained along with exceptionally bright acidity. Compare the ouillé style to the sous voile style described below. This is a medium bodied effort that works really well with fish and shellfish dishes, and chicken or pasta especially in cream or stock sauces. This wine also serves as a great aperitif.   Be careful not to chill this wine too much because it will mask the full range of aromas and flavors.

The other style of Savagnin that you’ll encounter in the Jura – and which André-Jean also produces, so let us know if you’re interested -- is sous voile. Here the wine is made in a deliberately oxidative style. During the aging process the wine is intentionally exposed to oxygen and ages under veil of yeast that is allowed to develop. As a result, depending upon the length of time the wine stays sous voile, the wine develops complex nutty and spice (think curry) aromas alongside umami and tangy citrus elements. A different experience for certain, but paired with the right dishes or cheeses and the drinking can be compelling.

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