Val de Lenda

Wine that was once prized by Roman Emperors -- “Amandi” wine.   From the sacred banks of the Sil River in Spain -- a region with thousands of years of winemaking history, but that only received formal recognition 20+ years ago as the Ribeira Sacra D.O.  Victor Rodriguez works his small 5-acre plot of 50+ year old Mencia in the heart of Ribeira Sacra in the Amandi sub-region.  Heroic viticulture doesn’t come close to describing what it takes to farm these steep, terraced and difficult to access vineyards.  There’s no way to work this land other than by hand.  Machines are not an option.  That care in the vineyards is joined by the thoughtful, hands-off approach in Victor’s winemaking.  The result, fresh, pure expressions of the regions top red grape.  The elegance of Pinot Noir joined by Syrah-like flavors and aromatics.  For us, the combination is nothing short of sublime!

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