Viña Cazoga

After challenging times in Ribeira Sacra and at Viña Cazoga during the early parts of the 20th century, Jorge Carnero’s father, Diego Carnero Vidal was instrumental in breathing new life back into the region.  The resurrection started to take place back in the late 1970s.  Today, the Carnero’s family owns one parcel that abuts the Sil River in the vaunted Amandi region of Ribeira Sacra in northwest Spain.  Old vine Mencía, and by old we are talking 100+ years, make up the bulk of what’s grown on these eight acres.  Jorge, who is a gentle, kind and generous soul, began his career in 2003 when his father passed away unexpectedly.  Jorge hosted an amazing lunch during my visit last November.  Ever confident in his own wines, he invited five other producers to the feast to show their wines but it was more about camaraderie than business.  He’s proud of the heritage he has the honor to continue.  Today he is turning out some of the best wines in region from his beautiful plot of granite and slate mixed vineyards.  The 2016 Mencía is early in its evolution and if the 2011-2015 versions of this wine are any indications, the 2016 will develop into a great bottle of wine.

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