Weingut Eder

Andreas Eder has been making wine for over 15 years and is the fourth generation winemaker overseeing his family’s vineyards in Mautern on the eastern side of the Wachau. The key vineyards for Andreas’ Federspiel and Smaragd level wines are Süssenberg, Silberbichl and Raubern. These vineyards are on the south side of the Danube and Andreas takes immense pride in showing wine lovers what is possible on the right side of the Danube. Andreas produces around 20,000 bottles annually. On this end of the Wachau the wines get their unique characters based upon the mix of climactic influences of the warm Pannonian air from the east, and the cooling effects of the Dunkelsteiner forest and the mighty Danube. These influences along with the unique blends of soils on this side of the Danube result in wines that exquisitely balance warm ripe fruit and pronounced mineral character. Andreas’ goal is simply put “to produce wines that bring every connoisseur the nature and character of the Wachau that are characterized by their naturalness, wholesomeness and drinking pleasure.” These are a sheer joy to drink!

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Tasting Notes:
Eder Grüner Veltliner Sussenberg Smaragd, 2013
Eder Riesling Federspiel, 2013
Eder Riesling Smaragd, 2013